10 Fruits With All Natural Skin Lightening Qualities

Many fruits and food items contain some great skin lightening qualities and there are several that make great choices for your own homemade recipes. Many of these fruits contain natural alpha hydroxy whitening agents and lots of vitamin c which is also a great for natural skin bleaching.

Here are some of the ingredients you might want to try in your own concoctions at home for a lighter skin. So get your blenders ready and lets start with some…

Strawberries – Strawberries contain a mild alpha hydroxy that can help give you a lighter complexion. Plus they taste great.




Papaya – is a well known skin lightener used in many many products to whiten the skin and contains an enzyme called paipan which helps with exfoliation so freckles and age spots aren’t so noticeable.


Lemons – Lemons contain citric acid and vitamin c, two important skin lightening ingredients. If you have age spots you can try applying a slice of lemon to them a few times a week for about 15 minutes at a time.



Billberries – have powerful antioxidants called tannins that will help with hyperpigmentation problems and to inhibit melanin production.




Tomatoes – contain lycopene which can make your skin look bright and shiny and blemish free.





Cherries – can be found in many skin bleaching products.





Pineapple – is often found in natural skin whitening products often along with Papaya.




Kiwi – contains a lot of Vitamin E which is essential to great skin care, tons of vitamin c, beta carotene and other great stuff for your skin.




Oranges – are high in vitamin c and citric acid to make a great addition to your recipe. You can also try drying the peels and grinding them into a powder to include in your recipes.



Almonds – have skin lightening qualities but of course need to be ground well to extract them and apply to your face.




Other essential natural ingredients:

Honey – is a great addition to your recipe to help soften and moisturize your skin while the citric acids bleach it.

Aloe Vera – is something else that’s good to include to help counter some of the harsh effects of the citric acid whitening agents of the fruits.

Most people process their ingredients in a blender and then apply as a facial mask for 15 minutes. If you experience any burning sensations make sure you wash it off quickly.┬áHomemade recipes using fruits for ingredients can usually only be stored in the refrigerator for about 3 days. So if you’d like to try to lighten your skin with ingredients from the garden or grocery store these are some of the best things to try.

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